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Monthly Donor

Be a Monthly Donor!

Your support shall enable us to serve the underserved, underprivileged, poor children and women to lead a dignified life.

Adopt a child and change her/his life for good.

We adopt a village or a slum and all the children living in the village and slum. Become a guardian of a poor child. Sponsor her/his monthly expense. We promise to give you monthly details about the child’s development. Also, meet the child at your convenience. If interested then please contact us.

We Club Member

Become a We Club Member!

We Youth Club for the Youth aged between 18 and 30 years.
We Club for Women and We Club for Men aged 31 years and above

A social platform to discuss social issues, celebrate festivals/social events, explore hidden talent of Members and many such philanthropic and sustainable initiatives as a “Social Being”.

Raise Funds for any project (s) of your choice. Join the We Club of Kolkata, We Club of Odisha and We Club of Delhi.

We encourage Homemakers to become our Member. We create a place for Homemakers to interact with Fellow Members to find new ways of engaging, socializing, earning and contributing to the society as a “Hometrepreneur”.

Your support

Be a Volunteer!

Come, support us directly. Learn from us and give us an opportunity to learn from your experience.

Be a Mentor

Be a Mentor!

Mentoring is an art! If you feel you have this unique skill then mentor the WE TEAM in any of the projects. We promise to give our best.

Be a Volunteers

Become a Solution-finder!

We demand technological innovation/app-based product solutions for greater reach and impact. If you think you have one then you have landed in the right place to share your ideas and views with us.