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Promote innovative, sustainable community-owned models and replication of those models for lasting economic, social, environmental and human impact.

Women Meeting

We are a not-for-profit Organization registered in February 2011 under The Indian Trust Act 1882. We have been on a philanthropic journey since February 2011 and operating at scale since January 2019. We have already completed three years in March 2021.

A group of highly committed professionals with diverse experience in the development sector formed “The WE Foundation (TWF)” to promote innovative, sustainable community- and family-owned models and replication of those models for lasting economic, social, environmental and human impact.

We in TWF believe that strong partnerships and innovative approaches can solve some of the most pressing development challenges and achieve any development goals. TWF focuses on family as a critical social institution and fight challenges that require special attention such as Health and WASH, Poverty and Climate Change.

Our experience shows that women and children are mainly affected by extreme poverty and ill health and when carefully nurtured and equipped with proper resources, women have the willpower to manage the whole families and enable communities come out of the vicious circle of poverty and lead a respectable and sustainable life.

Therefore, TWF focuses on reaching and empowering extremely vulnerable populations especially women and children living in urban and rural settings, migrant and mobile populations, rural entrepreneurs, rural and urban youths to help realize their full potential and support them till the last mile of their journey of development to make a sustainable and healthy living for themselves and for their communities.


Our areas of intervention include: health and nutrition; safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, including faecal sludge management; Livelihood promotion through Dairy and Livestock management, Natural resource management, self-help women group promotion, Eco-tourism; Education; Clean Energy; Art and Culture; Sports and Emergency Preparedness and Response.

TWF is a best NGO in Kolkata and Delhi that focuses on interventions that would bring practical solutions in the lives of the marginalized populations. Tailored-made interventions are designed and implemented to ensure “no one is left behind”.

We seek support of donors, government and investors, partner with eminent philanthropists, innovators and replicators to achieve our goal.

We believe that development cannot happen in “seclusion” but happens through “collaborative action” along with major key stakeholders and the Government is the key driver of change.